Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. How does Media Forest generate the data provided in its airplay reports?
A: Using its proprietary technology, Media Forest monitors the air transmissions of selected Radio stations and TV channels, and recognizes in real time specific content played by them, based upon a very small fragment of the audio played.
Q.2. How does the Media Forest technology work?
A: Media Forest proprietary technology is based on acoustic wave fingerprinting, thus capturing relevant features of the audio stream and comparing those features to a set of stored content attributes on the database created by Media Forest.
Q.3. What type of information can Media Forest provide regarding the broadcast of a given content (song track, clip, advertisement, etc...)?
A: The Media Forest system provides the following information:
  • The song name and the name of the performing artist
  • The name of the radio station or TV channel which broadcasted the content
  • The moment (date and time down to seconds) when the broadcast event occurred
  • The duration (length in seconds) of the broadcast
  • The position (starting point in seconds) of the broadcasted content part within the entire fingerprinted content
  • An indicative flag for Full or Partial Play shows the user if the song has been entirely or partially played.

Q.1. When are the weekly Media Forest charts published?
A: Media Forest publishes the weekly airplay charts once a week: every Monday.
The airplay charts contain data generated by the Media Forest system according to any song played during the period starting the previous Monday at time 00:00:00 and ending Sunday night at 23:59:59.
Q.2 Which Radio/TV channels are taken into consideration when making the Media Forest Weekly Airplay Charts?
A: From the total list of selected channels only the following channels are taken into consideration when making the Weekly Airplay Charts

Radio Stations:
  • Autoradio
  • Europa Plus
  • Fresh FM
  • Hit FM
  • Jurnal FM
  • Kiss FM
  • PRO FM Chisinau
  • Ploaia de Argint
  • Prime FM
  • Radio 21
  • Radio 7
  • Radio Alla
  • Radio Maestro
  • Radio Megapolis
  • Radio Moldova
  • Radio Noroc
  • Radio Plai
  • Radio Retro
  • Radio Sport
  • Radio Stil (Chanson)
  • Russcoe Radio

TV Channels:
  • 1 Music Moldova
  • Busuioc TV
  • Jurnal TV
  • Muz TV
  • Noroc TV
  • Ru TV
Q: 3. How is the airplay score calculated?
A: Every time a song plays on one of the selected channels that counts for the airplay charts (as mentioned in the list above), then the respective song gets 1 additional point.
The final number of points is the equivalent of the total number of valid broadcasts (# of song plays)
All the channels count equally.
Q.4. Which is the criterion used to determine a valid broadcast?
A: Any Full Play of a song is a valid broadcast countable for the airplay charts. Thus, the artificial influence on the charts by jingles or promotional advertisements is prevented.
Q. 5. What songs are taken into consideration when making the artists weekly chart?
A: All the songs having their digital fingerprints defined in the system. Any valid broadcast of any song on any of the Radio stations and TV channels mentioned above is added to the specific artist total score.
If you are an artist or an artist representative and wish to make sure that we have your songs, all you need to do is contact us so that we can perform this verification together.
Q.6. Can anyone influence the position in the Media Forest airplay charts?
A: Yes, by producing high quality songs which are later played on Radio stations and TV channels.

Q.1. When are the Real Time charts published?
A: The real time charts are updated every second. These charts show the real airplay situation at any moment, hence the name of real time charts.
Q.2. Which Radio/TV channels are taken into consideration when making the real time charts?
A: Absolutely all the channels monitored by Media Forest. To see a full list, check the "Coverage" page of the website.
Q.3. How is the score calculated in the case of Real Time charts?
A: Any broadcast irrespective of its duration will be considered as 1 point. In other words, the real time charts take into account every type of play, including: full and partial (promo, commercial ...) plays.